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  • 3 Tips on Being an English Grad Student
    3 MUST-DO Tips when entering Graduate school!
  • The Absence of Love is Suffocating
    This body burns with the need to gasp and pull it into these lungs Feeling it in every fiber of this flesh incased ghost.
  • To Who Finds Me
    Dear Lover,
  • Fuck You Speech Impediment
    By Rose Bence, Published in San Bernardino Valley College, Phineas 2016
  • Echos of Night
    Echos of Night By Rose Bence Your voice is like poetry dripping with molasses. Like… Continue Reading →
  • H-O-M-E
    Your arms are the arms of the letter “H” as you wrap tightly about my waist, kissing my ear as I say “O.”
  • Chapter One
    My bare feet softly tread the concrete/ My too-long jeans scrape along…
  • Untitled
    Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels
  • Cigarettes
    Cigarettes By Rose Bence   My friend likes the smell of cigarettes The nicotine teases… Continue Reading →
  • Closure
    Closure By Rose Bence   You Burned me and carved your initials Into my poetry… Continue Reading →
  • My Lover Wind
      My Lover Wind By Rose Bence As sunlight trickles And warms my skin I… Continue Reading →
  • College & Taxes
    “I don’t know anyone who can live off $15,000 a year.”              College is hell, anyone who says otherwise is a liar….
  • Poetry
    Writing poetry is hard.                                                                No, it isn’t……
  • Living, Forgetting You
    I forget you when I’m alone…
  • Drops of You
    Kiss me like the raindrops…

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