This website and most of the content as of this moment was created by Rose Bence. Rose is a Literature and Composition Graduate student attempting to be a professor one day. She has experience in running college clubs, tutoring, trying to find a job as an English major, and trying to ,unsuccessfully, find a balance between work, school, and love.

About English Grad Ink

English Grad Ink was created for those walking the English major path and wondering what’s next. Often this road can be confusing, especially for freshmen and graduates alike.

Interested in Writing for English Grad Ink? Donating?

English Grad Ink is accepting submissions for advice, poetry, and stories. As of this time this website is for students by students, which means we’re broke and can’t pay! In fact, we accept donations and almost want to beg for them, but we’ll be strong and refrain from doing so. If you are interested in donating to encourage more posts please contact us (Rose Bence) at Thank you.

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