College & Taxes

College & Taxes

By Rose Bence


“I don’t know anyone who can live off $15,000 a year.”

College is hell, anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

You go to classes that you’re paying for. Go to your part-time job that’s paying for your college classes and turn around to pay taxes for a grant from last year.  All the time worrying about the accruing interest for the school loan you pulled out. Then, you turn right back around, hoping to God that you get financial aid again this year.

Ignoring the fact that you haven’t had fun, in God knows when, because you’ve been trying to save money. But to make money, you need a car. To get a car, you need a better paying job. But to get a better paying job, you need a car.

Ignoring your depression the urge to cry quit school how am I going to pay for this but I want to get married but I can’t because will that cost more but I should be wasting my life because death comes at any moment because that guy you knew looked fine six months ago but last month he looked like a skeleton and now he’s dead and he was only thirty-five so then why am I struggling so much just to die maybe I should just quit school and work but I need school to work and make money but I need to make money to live  but I don’t have the time to live.

Maybe that’s what I should do.


Let’s just quit everything. Go out into the woods near some water and build myself a cabin. Live off the earth and stop worrying about this complicated stuff.

Wait. Isn’t there a drought? If the water is going then how can I grow food but wait what if the land is own like the national forests or by stupid nestle who’s been taking water without out paying for it for years and now our creeks are dried up and …


Fuck this shit, I’m playing video games.

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