Looking Back On the Years

Recently, I graduated with my bachelors in English literature and I can’t help but look back at my first year of community college. It was my first time doing things for myself without the help of my parents (despite still living with them). How was I going to pay for college? Why do they keep asking for my parents’ taxes from two years ago? Honestly, it was an extremely frustrating time. I manage to pull off an AA without financial aid, but just barely.

So what should you know?

In California, there is something magical, formerly known as the BOG wavier form. The CA College Promise Grant allows eligible students to receive a waiver of the enrollment fees charged for their attending college.

There are three types of CA College Promise Grant fee waivers:

  • CCPG A— For students and/or a student’s parent who are currently receiving some form of public assistance (AFDC, TANF, CalWORKs, SSI, and General Assistance). Proof of benefits received dated within the last 60 days may be submitted after submitting the FAFSA or California Dream Act application online, to be considered for a CA College Promise Grant A.
  • CCPG B — Based upon the current household size and total 2015 income for the student and/or student’s parent(s). Income standards are provided by the state Chancellor’s Office. Proof of total 2015 income may be required. A CCPG B may be awarded based upon the income and household size information provided on the FAFSA or California Dream Act application.
  • CCPG C — Must demonstrate at least $1,104.00 worth of financial need in order to qualify.

Your local community college should have a page exploring this further and how you should apply.

But what does it all mean, Basil? It means, that $46 per unit cost(or however much it costs) is waived and you don’t have to pay it. All you need to pay for is student fees like campus health insurance, student gov. fees, and your books. This information was a godsend when I was nineteen. My parents couldn’t afford to help me with school and finding a job was near impossible.

I’ll give you more information next time about things you should know!

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